Sabbath At Sea

A lot of people who know mainly my watercolors are surprised to learn oil was my dominant medium until the 1990s. This 24 x 36 oil, “Sabbath At Sea”, won the Hoyne Award at the 1991 Mystic Maritime Museum International Exhibition; category Grand Banks Fishing. Among the jurors was the famous journalist William F. Buckley, himself a distinguished sailor. The museum sent comments from some of the jurors, and of this award winner, Buckley said, “This painting has an almost palpable sense of piety!” All of us who have spent time at sea are familiar at times with the sensation of knowing we could really use some help. I think this is exemplary of my approach to painting: I try to create an honest and accurate interpretation of life, to which the viewer brings his own experience, giving us a shared conversation about life.

Schwabisch Hall

This 1961 field sketch recently came back into our hands from a Pennsylvania Gallery going out of business.  It instantly refreshes happy memories of our life together.  After our wedding,  Sue and I returned to my alma mater Marietta College in Ohio where I had been named Art Department Head.  We were given the summer off to enjoy a pleasant drive circling down from Paris to Florence and then back up to Bavaria  where we hoped to visit Sue’s brother George, stationed at Schwabisch Hall.  As on any characteristic day,  Sue enjoyed the city center while I took a few hours to do one of my ‘field sketches’  like this one, the medieval “St. Michaels at Schwabisch Hall. ”   I felt challenged to capture in such short order the spirit of a beautiful, long, and complex tradition.  This painting resumes a warm companionship with one we’ve long enjoyed which I had done a few days later on the same trip,  “Street Scene at Innsbruck.”  

Charles Peterson Old Art

Peterson, Maritime Man

A depiction of Mr. Peterson.  Pencil Drawing.

Charles L Peterson Pencil Drawing

Gouaches on blue mat board: New Media

New Artwork, New Media

Please enjoy a new gouache on blue mat board.

U.S. Rescue Services Surf Boat

U.S. Rescue Services Surf Boat

Silence, accepted in 30th Annual International Exhibition

We are proud to announce that Charles Peterson’s original watercolor Silence has been accepted by Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum for the 30th Annual International Exhibition.

Charles L. Peterson has had work in every exhibition since 1982.

Mystic – C. L. Peterson Gallery

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