New: Painting of the Month

We have added a new section to our main website:  Painting of the Month.  This section will feature one piece of artwork each month (or roughly every month).  The purpose of the monthly painting is to provide visitors a quick glimpse into Charles Peterson’s ongoing collection.  Because the For Sale section is continuously updated with new painting, and the inventory or status of the artwork is constantly changing, the featured painting will give visitors a chance to quickly view recent (and available) artwork.


 View the Painting of the Month


Painting of the Month - Charles L Peterson

View of the new "Painting of the Month" section

Publications & Flyers: Now Online

A new section for printed media has been added to Charles Peterson’s website.  The section has a collection of flyers and other small publications. All of the content was produced by White Door Publishing Company.  We anticipate visitors will find some of the new content interesting and informative.  For instance, most of the flyers that were produced as part of ‘The Memories Collection’ are listed, and include short blurbs about the print, sizing, and even original retail prices.  The flyers are divided by artwork series:

  • The Memories Collection
  • A Week In Door County
  • School Days

There are a few other flyers listed that don’t fit in any of the previous categories.  Please note that most, but not all, of Charles Peterson’s prints had flyers produced.  A “flyer” column has also been added to our list of reproductions.

Charles Peterson Art Flyers

Click here to view the new flyers & publications section. Enjoy.

First post, about Charles L. Peterson’s blog

Welcome to the official C. L. Peterson Studio blog.  This blog is dedicated to Charles L. Peterson’s artwork. 

Although Mr. Peterson will not be directly creating posts, we will use content, photographs, and knowledge from him to update the blog.  We will try our best to update the blog with fresh and unique content (and images of course).  Please let us know if you have any questions regarding the blog, the artwork, the artist, or anything of interest to Charles L. Peterson. 

If you want to contact us directly via email, please write to:

To visit our main website, please visit:

Best Regards,

C. L. Peterson Studio