Publications & Flyers: Now Online

A new section for printed media has been added to Charles Peterson’s website.  The section has a collection of flyers and other small publications. All of the content was produced by White Door Publishing Company.  We anticipate visitors will find some of the new content interesting and informative.  For instance, most of the flyers that were produced as part of ‘The Memories Collection’ are listed, and include short blurbs about the print, sizing, and even original retail prices.  The flyers are divided by artwork series:

  • The Memories Collection
  • A Week In Door County
  • School Days

There are a few other flyers listed that don’t fit in any of the previous categories.  Please note that most, but not all, of Charles Peterson’s prints had flyers produced.  A “flyer” column has also been added to our list of reproductions.

Charles Peterson Art Flyers

Click here to view the new flyers & publications section. Enjoy.

Featured: 31st Annual International Maritime Art Exhibition

Charles Peterson’s original watercolor Lucia Simpson Leaves Sturgeon Bay will be featured in the 31st Annual International Maritime Art Exhibition at Mystic Seaport Maritime Gallery on September 25, 2010.   The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport is the nations more reputable gallery for contemporary maritime art. 

Maritime Art by Charles Peterson

Lucia Simpson Leaves Sturgeon Bay

Moonset and Sunrise, for Mythology Show

Moonset and Sunrise is a watercolor painting that C. L. Peterson has done for the “Norse Mythology, the Muse” event at the Peninsula School or Art in Door County on October 1-November 6, 2010.


Norse Mythology, the Muse    October 1- November 6, 2010

Opening reception: Oct 2, 5-7pm Free and open to the public

Vision Statement:

In the exhibition, “Norse Mythology, the Muse,” 2- and 3-D artists are invited to draw inspiration from ancient Norse myths. Inherently imaginative in their explanation of natural events, myths encourage the storyteller/artist to literally put their unique mark on a piece, in this case through symbolic and figurative designs.

The art in the gallery will be enhanced by prominent displays of the myth narratives, adding further meaning to this exhibition.Moonset and Sunrise - Charles Peterson

Peninsula School of Art’s Guenzel Gallery is located at 3900 County Road F, Fish Creek. Info at 920-868-3455 or

Memorial Weekend Show – Charles L. Peterson

Please join us on May 29, 2010 for the Memorial Weekend Show.

Charles L. Peterson’s new original artwork will be featured at Cottage Row Gallery in Door County, WI.

Memorial Weekend Show Details

Click for show details

Click for show details

Silence, accepted in 30th Annual International Exhibition

We are proud to announce that Charles Peterson’s original watercolor Silence has been accepted by Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum for the 30th Annual International Exhibition.

Charles L. Peterson has had work in every exhibition since 1982.

Mystic – C. L. Peterson Gallery

Memorial Weekend One Man Show

Upcoming Event:

Memorial Weekend One Man Show

Saturday May 23rd  – 10 a.m.

at Cottage Row Gallery

for details please visit

Artwork Preview - Memorial Weekend "Mainly Miniatures" Show

Artwork Preview - Memorial Weekend One Man Show


Mystic Seaport Museum

The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport is the nation’s leading gallery specializing in contemporary marine art.  The Mystic Maritime Gallery has exhibited Charles L. Peterson’s maritime artwork since 1982, twice winning the Hoyne award, and being listed by the gallery as a Modern Marine Master.

Mystic Seaport Maritime Gallery – Charles L. Peterson

Preview: Lumber for Chicago

India Ink & Gouache 11 x 15

India Ink & Gouache 11 x 15